William was the leading scientific engineer with a company known as Storm Inc which specialized in the research of new forms of nuclear energy and the illegal production of nuclear weaponry which would be sold on the black market. William was unaware of their illegal wrongdoings and when he found out, he sought to prevent such power being used for criminal purposes. He remained in his lab one night, sabotaging all of his research so that it would never fall into the wrong hands again, but he was caught. His employer found him during all his notes and research and had his guards throw William in a radiation chamber and proceeded to flood the chamber with dangerous levels of Lorecsa Radiation (The radiation he discovered and named after his late wife). The next day, the employer returned and found him dead. Or so he thought. He hid William’s body at the city’s dockyard where he was left for days. William awoke, alone, confused and disorientated. He had no memories of his past, but knew something was different. His skin began peeling away, leaving behind a bright green skin until eventually, he was nothing but a living form of radiation. Although the radiation emitting from him wasn’t harmful, he could condense it into a single, concentrated beam. The radiation had another effect on his mind… He became insane and turned to a life of crime, finding that he could use his radiation abilities to his advantage to commit numerous crimes. He eventually had a run-in with The Blur and Echo. Although they defeated him, The Blur was rendered completely powerless due to the Lorecsa Radiation. But he found a fatal flaw… If his skin were to be completely covered by something such as liquid lead or lead dust, he would be completely powerless so he created a suit that not only protected him from losing his powers, but also allowed him to control his powers with greater ease. While imprisoned, he heard strange whispers, talking of a criminal known as ‘The Mystic Monolith’, how he would make a great addition to their team and how he would have an opportunity to destroy The Blur and Echo. He escaped from prison with the help of The Mystic Monolith and joined his team, The League of Super Criminals.